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Twenty three years of expertise


Experts in precision-formulated pure Nano technology, supplying industries and individuals to protect the lifespan of their valuable assets far into the future.

We are driven and passionate to become the leading distributor of hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic coatings and sealers, proudly manufactured in Southern Africa.

GL Coatings (Pty) Ltd gained combined ground-breaking knowledge and experience over the past 23 years in producing and marketing top quality nano technology coatings and sealants, allowing us to address underlying corrosion problems that was previously hidden behind layers of paint.

Our main goal is to offer ultimate corrosion protection for steel, metal, concrete, plaster, brick, wood & timber substrates.

What makes us different

competitive edge

eco friendly

Environ Water-Based Paints with no VOC emissions

long lasting

Long Shelf-Life of 3+ years as well as 5, 10 and 15 years maintenance free


100% Hydrophobic Properties which repels water


Superior Chemical Resistance as well as Acid and Diesel


Lab Tested for 17 and 25 Years with Superior Pass Rates

cost effective

Price Competitive - Industry related

great coverage

Superior Spread Rates in comparison to industry norm


Nano Seal offer all weather protection against * Corrosion * UV * Bacteria & Borer Insects


Nano Seal is Water Repellent Thus Excellent Corrosion Protection

Direct testing for 1750 hours on the SP 40 has been concluded successful among many other tests and Lab Reports are available on request.
As a result of this ground-breaking development; galvanizing of steel could be something of the past.
What does

NANO mean?

Let's put in to perspective:

A Sheet of paper is about 100,000 Nanometers thick.
A strand on human DNA is 2.5 Nanometers in diameter.
A human hair is typically 80,000 Nanometer in diameter.
A single Nanometer is one million times smaller than a millimeter. If you take 1000 of a millimeter you have one micrometer, or a single micron. If you divide that micron by 1,000, you will have a Nanometer.

Now we're in the Nano world...

How does nano relate to

THE industry?

Commercial products, although most applications are limited to bulk use of passive nano-materials. Examples include: Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in products such as cosmetics, sunscreen and stain resistant clothing, and now...


HOW DOES NANO technology WORK?

  • ALL matter is porous! Some substrates however are less porous than others, thus the term microscopic pores comes into play.
  • Nano is of such a small scale that it can penetrate and fill these microscopic pores from the inside out.
  • GL Coatings Pure Nano has particles even smaller than water particles and it removes the oxygen and moisture trapped in the microscopic pores and is therefore 100% hydrophobic.
  • With our binder being able to bind the Nano particles to any matter’s surface in the microscopic pores, it forms a waterproof membrane.
  • PURE NANO REMOVES the corrosive elements in the substrate and does not MERELY HIDE THEM.

PRODUCTS & applications

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